Fans Call for an End to the Exploitation of Michael Jackson’s Children. The Fans are Watching!

Fans Call for an End to the Exploitation of Michael Jackson’s Children. The Fans are Watching!

We at M.J.A.N. (the Michael Jackson Accountability Network) and many of Michael Jackson’s supporters and fans are calling for an end to what is felt to be the exploitation of his children for the financial gain of the Jackson family. As revealed on the Good Morning America (GMA) program on February 25, 2011, Mrs. Jackson has involved her grandchildren with two questionable enterprises that are subject to ongoing lawsuits by the Jackson Estate. The lawsuits are against Howard Mann and his company “Vintage Pop,” and against the Heal the World Foundation, originated by Melissa Johnson. This would seem to place the children in direct opposition to the estate charged with managing their own financial interests.

On the GMA program, Michael Jackson’s children, Prince, Paris, and “Blanket,” were seen wearing Heal the World Foundation t-shirts, and giving a donation to the L.A. Family Transitional Center. The donation was said to come from “Vintage Pop” (Mrs. Jackson and Mann’s joint venture to market Michael Jackson products), and the Heal the World Foundation.

The lawsuit against Howard Mann was filed with the Central District California Federal Court, and alleges: “copyright infringement, false designation of origin, false endorsement, cyber-squatting, cyber piracy, misappropriation of likeness, declaratory relief, unfair competition and accounting.”

The Heal the World Foundation, originated by Melissa Johnson, is also subject to a lawsuit that includes copyright infringement, among other allegations. This foundation has no connection to Michael Jackson’s Heal the World charity, which was discontinued in 2002.

Despite the fact that Mann has a background in pornography, and that there is an ongoing lawsuit against him, the children were apparently required to appear on the program to promote Mann’s enterprises, and those of the Heal the World Foundation. Given that they are minor children, it is doubtful that they had any choice about appearing for this interview. The children were clearly uncomfortable, and particularly so when interviewer, Robin Roberts, referred to them as “normal” (as if it was expected that they would not be “normal?”).

In the two lawsuits, the estate asserts that it is the sole-owner of Michael’s “brand name.” Therefore, any sales of products by anyone OTHER than the estate, have the potential of harming the children financially. It seems now that the children are being asked/required to participate in something that is ultimately not in their best interests. If they want to support a charity, there are many other charities their father supported. In a signed statement, Katherine and Joseph Jackson give the impression that this is the same charity that Michael founded – but as the Estate’s lawsuit alleges, it is not. (

The association of the children with the Heal the World Foundation is profoundly troubling on a number of levels. There are questions about the legitimacy of the charity, its use of the Michael Jackson “brand,” and as the lawsuit alleges (, its founder, Melissa Johnson, has had a history of stalking Michael Jackson and was considered to be a “threat” to his safety. Many Michael Jackson fans and supporters, including those at M.J.A.N., are deeply concerned that Mrs. Jackson would choose to bring her grandchildren into contact with Johnson.

It is no secret what Michael Jackson would have wanted for his three children, as they grow toward adulthood. Despite his celebrity, he was extremely careful to shield them from the public eye and to allow them the time and space to enjoy something he never had – a childhood. It seems clear that their appearance on the GMA show is yet another attempt by Mrs. Jackson for financial gain through the marketing of her son’s children.

It is feared that the same public scrutiny and media damage once endured by Michael Jackson, now will plague his children, as well, despite his best efforts to shield them from such abuses. Many fans and Jackson supporters believe that the California Department of Children and Family Services should investigate the use of these children to promote business-ventures that are currently the subjects of lawsuits. It is possible that the children will be emotionally damaged when they discover that the Heal the World charity is not one sanctioned by the Jackson estate.

Michael Jackson’s intentions for his children were clear, and this is NOT it. It is hoped that the executors of the Jackson estate, and/or California D.C.F.S., will take action to see that exploitation of these children does not occur in the future. Many of Michael’s fans and supporters, including those at M.J.A.N., are outraged, and are putting the Jackson family on notice about potential exploitations of Prince, Paris, and Blanket. There is something terribly wrong with this picture, and we ARE watching you.


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  1. I totally support this!! Why is Michael’s family NOT listening??!! Michael’s fans cannot just sit and wait, something needs to be done and this is another great example that we will not stop. Why are Michael’s wishes totally NOT respected with regard to his children? He had a reason to protect his kids from media and care about their privacy. Now the family is confronting the kids with everything he was protecting them from.

  2. I am in support of this. Michael’s children are being exploited. This IS NOT Michael’s charity. Melissa Johnson and Howard Mann are using the children of Michael Jackson for their own personal gain. Michael would NEVER want the faces of his children to be put all over the internet. When Michael and his children did charity work they did it for legitimate charities. when Michael passed away he left his 3 children in the care of his mother Katherine Jackson..he felt as though they would be safe with her and that she would finish raising them according to his wishes..unfortunately this has turned out not to be the case. Instead they have been exposed to some very shady characters instead. This NEEDS TO STOP. These children need to be protected.

  3. Michael Jackson was hounded by the press and paparazzi in life and now in death. Time and time again Michael made his wishes known for his own children. He did not want them exposed to the media and to be robbed of their childhood. Sadly this now appears to be happening as they are paraded around like show ponies…Just so comments are made “that they SO normal” as if they had two heads or something. Please this behavior & exploitation MUST stop. Let the children BE children.

  4. I support the reasons behind this, however.. ‘the fans are watching you’.. ‘we are watching you’ .. sounds kind of.. crazy.

  5. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you

    This needed to be said.

    It is appalling and disgusting what has been happening since MJ passed. Howard Mann needs to be held accountable.

    Michael Jackson left his fortune, his arts to his estate until his kids are old enough to take over. Mann has no right to hijack Michael’s hard work to fill his pocket…I do not care that he bough Vaccaro’s warehouse.



  6. I want to comment regarding Mann and Johnson specifically. Mann, with a history of online naked gambling and naked women’s wrestling, is exploiting not only Michael’s children but Katherine Jackson as well, in my opinion. What Mann fails to understand is that he does not own the INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY of Michael Jackson. Just because he owns memorabilia that once belonged to Michael Jackson, this does not give him free reign to use any of Jackson’s likenesses, images, copyrights or trademarks. If I buy a picture of Michael Jackson at an auction, does that mean I have the right to use that likeness of Michael for PROFIT? No, it does not. So any regular person like you or I understands the difference between owning a piece of memorabilia versus owning the INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, and I highly suspect Mann believes his own line of BS. Mann is just raising a ruckus under the guise of “friendship” to Michael’s mother and “humanitarianism” under Michael’s children via the fraudulent Melissa Johnson and her equally fake Heal the World Foundation.

    As for Johnson, the Estate has already shut her down once. If she continues, John Branca and his plethora of attorneys will shut her into a cell with bars for a very long time. Mann will suffer the same fate. Thank you for speaking out against Howard Mann and Melissa Johnson, who have done nothing but try to manipulate for profit. It sickens me to see this happening, and Michael would have NEVER stood for this.

  7. I completely support this. It’s deeply disturbing how Michael’s kids are being used, not only to make money for his useless family, but also apparently in a power play against the estate.

    Also: although I support the kids in whatever they wish to do and whatever makes them happy and fulfilled, I also hope they are being exposed to opportunities and ideas that do not involve show business. I hope they’re not being steered into show business avenues without giving thought to other careers that could possibly make them happy. Fame is only becoming a crueler and more vicious thing to be involved in and they shouldn’t be pushed into it in anyway.

  8. The following are my previously posted feelings and observations about all of this.

    I would just like to say, I haven’t seen ANYBODY say anything about the estate controlling the children’s lives. What HAS been said is the estate is taking proper legal action against Mann and Melissa Johnson for their blatant exploitation of Michael’s name, likeness, image, and legacy. Its too bad they can’t sue for the exploitation of Michael’s children as well.

    Just as so many of you have pointed out that Michael wanted his children to be with his mother and how his decision shouldn’t be questioned and how his last wishes should be respected, I must point out that within the SAME WILL where this is stated, it is documented that Michael wanted his named EXECUTORS to administrate his estate…NOT his family. Therefore, its time to realize that on that front, Michael’s decision shouldn’t be questioned and his last wishes should be respected!

    You don’t get to pick and choose to your convenience which terms of the will should and shouldn’t be enforced. Anything pertaining to Michael’s image, name, likeness, and legacy is the responsibility of the estate because of the substantial revenue these things grant…not Momma K. She is listed strictly as a beneficiary and candidate for guardianship…and technically wasn’t Michael’s only choice as a guardian. Diana Ross was named as a potential candidate and I have to say, perhaps we narrowed our sights as to Katherine’s health being the only factor that would prevent her from becoming the guardian. However, its plausible that Katherine’s inability to care for her grandchildren could be found if certain government authorities deem her unfit as a guardian because of the poor choices being made that do not promote the best interest of Michael’s children. Do we all recall the stun gun incident? I’m not saying I would like for any such thing to happen because I’d rather such measures be avoided by removing the greedy leeches that are using Katherine for her status as Michael’s mother and guardian of his children than to ever see those children be ripped away from their grandmother. Its not meant to be rude or disrespectful either…just being honest.

    The estate isn’t suing Katherine Jackson. They aren’t suing for Mann’s unjust exploitation of the children. They’re suing Mann and Melissa Johnson for their illegal actions. Any and everything that can or is potentially taking away financial gains that rightfully belong to Michael’s estate IS their business…because, (pay close attention) their job is to ensure Michael’s estate continues to garner revenue to assure the best interests of Michael’s beneficiaries are met and upheld.

    Please be advised, Katherine signed into her contract without her legal counsel present. Do you not question why that is? Look at the contract, VPM and Mann are binding her into a contract and making her waive and grant rights that are not hers to begin with. Her attorney, and any damn good attorney for that matter, would NOT have condoned their client signing into a contract that is set up to go against Michael’s estate and exploit his children. I beg of you, read the contract. Its written specifically with the term EXPLOIT as part of the terms and conditions that KJ agreed to and must carry out to garner any revenue beyond her up front payments and payments for her media appearances.

    Do you people not recall that Howard Mann was the one responsible for going behind Momma K’s back and posting that supposedly “unheard” track, only to later retract, after he was caught red-handed, and state that he meant it was a “remake”? Who do you think would have the most to gain by leaking a supposed “unheard” track to TMZ? More than likely…it would be the one who is getting the bigger cut of profits because Momma K is only entitled to 25% of the actual profits made off selling VPM’s products.

    Think about it. Mann is claiming that the right to use Michael’s image and likeness was granted since 2006. If that’s true…then why did they need to include the following in the contract:

    Grant of Rights:

    9) The exclusive right to use, commercialize and EXPLOIT for the purposes of profiting, the name, likeness, images, and any intangible assets governed herein in conjuction and combination with the programming and related assets contemplated herein.

    Why would they need Momma K to grant them(VPM & Mann) rights they already supposedly own?

    The fact of the matter is, Mann has mislead people into believing that he, more specifically his “company” was already sued by Michael for the same thing back in 2004. I was among those who were mislead, but as it turns out, the person who was actually being sued was Henry Vaccaro, the previous owner of the memorabilia Mann now owns.

    “Howard Mann DOES NOT have the right to use ANY likeness or image of Michael’s, period. Mann believes this to be true because before Mann bought the memorabilia from Vaccaro, a judge dismissed a case against Vaccaro “with prejudice”, meaning that Michael could never sue VACCARO again for the same thing (i.e. memorabilia) HOWEVER, the case was LIMITED to the items Vaccaro owned at the time, and now Mann owns. This DOES NOT give Mann the right to post images of Michael, his likeness, his trademarks, WHICH THE ESTATE NOW OWNS.”

    As of now, there is nothing that has surfaced that would stipulate Mann couldn’t be sued for the same thing Vaccaro was sued for. The “prejudiced” dismissal granted Vaccaro,alone, the immunity to not be sued again for the same thing. There is nothing that has indicated that immunity would apply or transfer to Mann once he bought the memorabilia from Vaccaro.

    Point blank, Momma K really doesn’t have the need nor should she want to pursue gaining anything beyond what Michael dictated in his will. If he wanted his mother managing his name, likeness, and image, then I’m quite certain she would have been named as an executor…but she wasn’t and its high time many of you stop condoning anybody going against Michael’s last living testament as to how HE wanted things to be done once he was no longer here to do so himself.

    On my last note, I leave you with the statement given by the estate.

    In a statement issued to GMA on Friday (25Feb11), they say:

    “The current Heal the World Foundation has no relation to Michael Jackson’s charity that touched so many lives before becoming inactive several years before Michael’s death… The estate does not believe Michael’s children should be used to exploit a foundation that a federal judge found was not associated with Michael Jackson.”

    Howard Mann recently met with the estate on February 16, 2011. Do you really believe its coincidence that a little over a week later, Mann arranged the GMA interview? All 3, Katherine, Howard, and Melissa Johnson KNEW and were completely aware of the pending lawsuit against Melissa’s fraudulent HTWF. It is because of this, that I solely believe having the children appear on camera, wearing HTWF t-shirts that represent Melissa’s charity, and having them present a check on behalf of the HTWF was a pathetic and cowardly battle tactic orchestrated by Mann to get people to view him and Melissa as the victims of the “big ol bad wolf”…the estate. Boy did they ever hit their mark. Who would have the heart to oppose any associations Michael’s children have with certain matters regardless of the fact that they’re being deceived and used by sheep in wolves clothing? And for those of you who claim that Branca and team’s only motive is to make sure the estate gains as much income as possible so they can get a bigger piece of the pie. You’re both right and wrong about that. It is the estates duty to put forth all efforts possible to keep the best interests of Michael’s estate and its beneficiaries upheld and secured. That includes bringing any and all who jeopardize the incoming revenue to Michael’s estate and those who seek to simply exploit rights that exclusively belong to the estate to the greatest extents of the law possible. Brance and Mc Clains “cut” is a percentage that is not any more significantly greater than what it would be for anybody else acting as executors to such a substancially-sized estate.

    The most despicable of all this is, Mann has naive fans convinced that the estate is attacking and going after Katherine Jackson. To the best of my knowledge, there is no pending legal action against Katherine on the behalf of her son’s estate. They’ve simply expressed how they do NOT condone Michael’s children being exploited.

    Anybody who reads this is well within their rights to tell me I’m wrong…BUT if they do so…then they better be prepared to prove they’re right.

  9. Support! MJ would have been devastated by what has been going on. He tried so hard to keep his kids from the paparazzi ever taking any pictures. thanks to him the kids were able to go to the park and go out places with their nanny without ever being recognized as MJ’s children. As soon as he was gone, their masks were taken off for the world to see. Now the normal life he always wanted them to have is forever destroyed. It makes me sick to my stomach thinking about how his wishes are ignored, in so many ways.

  10. And thank you to the creators of this network for standing up for what he strongly believed in!

  11. Thank you sooo much for this very thorough an detailed analysis. Michael above all wanted his children to lead a normal life out of the spotlight & to grow up undisturbed by the media. If they choose a life in the limelight, it’s got to be THEIR CHOICE when they are old enough. They shouldn’t be dragged into it for promotional issues or ratings. Their little souls are too vulnerable still. They are NORMAL? Well, proof enough Michael Jackson wasn’t the “freak” people make him out to be. He protected his children from the madness well aware they could and would get hurt. His childten meant the world to him and their well-being was his priority. Now his wishes seem to be ignored and I’m afraid his kids might be paying a high price. How would you feel if your beloved father was constantly questioned and called a “wacko” when to you he is nothing but the best dad in the world? These comments are thoughtless and impious and considering that these kids must still be mourning, it hurts even more to see them being instrumentalized. Don’t people ever learn? Wouldn’t you be confused and heartbroken? Above all every star is a person with a heart. Michael was haunted by the press like no other and he was torn apart. This shouldn’t happen to the next generation. So I send a heartfelt appeal to those who now have the power to protect them, the Jackson family! Please, please, please, be their shelter because I don’t see journalists showing any mercy or sensibility! Love is ALL that matters and I’m sending you loads of love and blessings from the bottom of my heart!

  12. Wow I’m so fed up, I have to really work on myself to bring this out in some proper and not youth damaging words.

    I simply have NO UNDERSTANDING for Katherine Jackson whom Michael loved so much that he did trust her with the most important his precious children.

    But Katherine Jackson learned nothing almost less than nothing. It’s so not understandable to me really how you can use underage children for own financial gain. She did with her children… oh sheeeesh yeah what chance did they have and those kids loved music. But was she blind to what pain that caused in Michael? And sheeeeesh look at some of her other kids… what are they really not able to earn for their own living not even talking about the children they brought irresponsibly to this world… these children must be so emberassing for a mother… look at them tweeting their last part of intelligence into the mud if they ever had some.

    However those are adults now, at least according to their age… but look what Katherine learned through that… NOTHING.

    Michael put all his trust in her hands… three smart so beautiful precious but still very young children.

    And what does Katherine do… SHE DOES EXPLOIT THEM… SHE IS USING THEM FOR HER OWN FINANCIAL GAIN. I don’t wanna hear anymore about that she might has reasons forcing her cuz of those dumb family members playing big spenders although not even able to keep up with any job bringing them money… sorry I have no understanding for that… it’s no excuse… and there will be no justification for this ever!

    Thank you so much for being a voice of reason to m.j.a.n.!
    Please never stop watching!

    although it hurts! It does!

  13. This is not our place, we are not the kids guardians, michael left his kids for his mothers care, their lives aren’t in danger and she can have them participate in what she wants as long as their lives aren’t in danger. Some fans need to learn to stay in their place.

    • Clearly, it seems that Mrs. Jackson and the Jackson estate are now adversarial, placing the children in the middle of an issue with which they should have no involvement. The estate protects the children’s financial interests, and is in the process of suing the two enterprises that are using the children for promotion.

      Here is a statement from the Jackson estate executors:

      “The current Heal the World Foundation has no relation to Michael Jackson’s charity that touched so many lives before becoming inactive several years before Michael’s death… The estate does not believe Michael’s children should be used to exploit a foundation that a federal judge found was not associated with Michael Jackson.”

      Whether or not the children’s “lives are in danger” was not the topic of the blog, even though California DCFS has already investigated the family once, for an incident with a taser. The blog has to do with involving the children with a charity (Heal the World), and a business venture (Vintage Pop), that are both subjects of an ongoing lawsuit.

    • Karen, I feel you are so right. It’s one thing to fight to keep the public from study tearing at MJ image. But another to get all up in this family bussiness is crazy. Katherine is no dummie, spike what some of you think. These are her Gkids, she has the right to do whatever she pleases with them.If she wants to parade up and down the sreets with them that’s her bussiness. We are just fans, we don’t own them, we don’t make decision for them. One thing is for sure, those kids sre not babies anymore, they will be out, and cameramens will be all over them, reguardless of how their try to move about. But saying things as to the kids needs to be taken away from KJ, or calling CDSS you all are stepping over your boundary.You are not their family and you need to step back and check yourselves.Some of the things I have seen fans say about KJ and his family, I really believe he wouldn’t go for that. I think it’s time for some fans to get back to Fanland, and get out of the Family business.

    • This is about what’s right and what’s wrong, it’s not about us “knowing our place” – our place btw is where it’s always been: on Michael Jackson’s side. Who here can honestly say Michael would approve of what’s going on? Would Michael have had his children on TV promoting fake charities and stupid books? Absolutely no one has the right to pimp those kids to enrich themselves, I don’t care who they are. They’re still young enough to be kids, not entertainers. This is just the beginning: today they’re being gawked at to see if they’re normal, tomorrow they’ll be portrayed as freaks for the fun and entertainment of the public.

      I’m tired of fans telling themselves they shouldn’t feel the way they feel because they’re not Michael’s blood family, so it’s inappropriate. I’m tired of fans convincing themselves their opinions should be kept quiet because they don’t share dna with the Jacksons. None of those things mattered to Michael. He called us blood family. He said his kids were ours. Either we believe in the ties we had with that man or we don’t and if we do, we have every right to a public opinion. In fact, we should have been more public about more things earlier on. If we were more up in other peoples’ business things might have turned out better. Who knows. But we have to do what we believe is right. I’m not staying silent when I think things are going badly.

      • Thank you Margaret, I have to agree. It is not our job to shut up when things go so wrong, nor is it to turn our back and say “Michael is gone now”. This is the kind of attitude that the family displays and Michael’s fans who have been concerned with their ills over the years–and especially after his passing–can not turn a blind eye now that his kids are being exploited and manipulated for money.
        This is a fate that no human being deserves.
        Michael is no longer here, but we are, and if no one else cares about how he would feel or what he would say, we do.

      • Thank you Maria – hugs to you 🙂

  14. Thank you MJAN for speaking the truth!! It is so upsetting to see MJ’s children being pulled into TV interviews & dodgy dealings when it is well known Michael wouldn’t have wanted this. It makes me so sad that the Jackson family don’t seem to give a monkey’s about his wishes & continue to use their offspring for their own financial gain. Unbelieveable.

  15. So right!!! We the fans are the voice of Michael. We was abused and used all his life and now it turned out to be his childrens’ turn. He loved his mother to the extent of showing the world that she will inherit (use during her lifetime) equal amount of resources he gave to his three (mind you 3 children. 1:3). But the love and response he got back is abusing his most treasured assets of all: his children. Well…I trust God has his own way of doing. That is the only comfort I take in.

    Thanks for your efforts and initiations. But can we take this effort a step forward and sign a petition for Magaret L (the childrens’ lawer regarding the Estate matter) and to the excutors of the estates so that it gets the deserving notice. It would also be good to send the message to TMZ or other media so that it will be an ultimatum for Katherine and all the Jackson family. They should now that it is the fans that are paying to buy their products and being in bad terms or crossing with the fans will, ultimately, be an end to them; except for Michael’s kids. All the 2nd generation Jacksons, his mother, and the sibilings of MJ are throwing singles, books, and other products down our throats.

    So we need to show them when enough is enough and we are not having any more. No respect for Michael’s wishes, nothing (no penny) from the fans.

    Thank you and God Bless!

  16. I fully support the children. But what Katherine Jackson, Howard Mann & Melissa Johnson are doing is cruel & fraudulent.

    Can you imagine when the kids finally learn the truth….?? To be taken advantage of because of your innocence…they will be hurt. Their own beloved grandmother selling them to a pornographer to fill hers & his pocket.

    I am so so so sorry Michael. I really am. I am sure you are looking down, in sadness. I hope one day, you get to finally rest in peace.

  17. I fully support this petition. The whole sutiation is very alarming and I am very worried about Michael’s kids.

  18. what bothers me most is the fact this lady behind this “charity” was considered a threat to Michael’s safety back in the day. if she was considered a threat to Michael then she should not be allowed within 6 inches of his children. i am NOT attackin Katherine Jackson or his children, i think the social services should be after Mann, Melissa, and no one else.

  19. 100% behind this. It is outrageous the way in which these minor children are being used and manipulated by their own family for financial gain.
    It is clear that both Howard Mann and the fraudulent HTW organizations will cause nothing but harm to the children, both financially and emotionally as they grow to learn they were used.

    It’s time for someone, anyone to do something FOR the kids instead treat them like a financial commodity; as it was exactly that what damaged their father so much over the years.

    If the people around them aren’t willing to look after the children interests over their own, then the public must do something, we must at the very least not support these ventures and call them out for their wrongdoing.

    Tthese are children here, grieving children who should be focusing on school and keeping the memory of their father (personal memory that is). What business does a 14 year old has being on the board of a charity organization? Absolutely none.

  20. I fully support this statement. Michael wanted his kids to have a normal childhood, he didn’t want them in front of the cameras and he would be apalled to see what his mother is getting his three angels into. They are minors and their guardian is involving them in this? Authorities should look into that kind of behavior. Michael’s kids ment the world to him and he is not here to protect them but lots of people are and this is why the fans need to stand as one and step up for Paris, Prince and Blanket.

  21. MJ fans have been divided on many issues but I am so proud that fans raise their voices for the protection of MJ children. I am disheartened that these precious kids are being exploited in the battle of HTWF and MJ Executers. Meslissa Johnson and Chris Johnson has been reaching out to fans (esp those who are anti-Branca) for support, I myself was contacted by them to help but refused. They then appealed to Brian Oxman, now KAtherine Jackson. I do NOT believe Katherine is doing this out of the goodness of her heart. I believe $10,000 donated by “MJ kids” came out of the pockets of HTWF. It is all a publicity, a ruse! HTWF is trying to get fans’ support by exploiting MJ name and MJ kids. I do NOT support the MJ Executers but I AGREE with them on their lawsuit against HTWF, it is a FRAUD foundation who wish to exploit MJ name! Please lets stand united that charity or no charity, we will NOT stand for MJ name, especially MJ kids to be exploited! These kids needs to grieve, adjust and be kids, not “spread Michael’s message”, promote a foundation or be a cash cow for Jacksons! HTAWF IS NOT AFFLIATED WITH MICHAEL JACKSON! Go to their website, they have a disclaimer in red, stating so! As for Howard Mann argument that Katherine should be able to exploit MJ image and likeness….she had every opportunity to contest the Will, she initially expressed her intention to do so. Then Branca paid off her home and car, she changed her mind! She sold out for 1 home and 1 car! She gets no sympathy from me now. She failed MJ and the financial wellbeing of MJ kids. I can’t believe she is putting me in a position to defend John Branca- someone I very much oppose! I hope the Estate wins the lawsuit against HTWF! Shame on those who exploits 3 orphans for their own agenda!

  22. Someone needs to send Katherine a copy of MJs song “Anything For Money”. If she wants to use her share of the money MJ left her to support his brothers and the whole family as she always did, then fine, but when it comes to MJs children, she is not acting in their best interest, and I hope there haven’t been any threats against them if they chose not to participate in Katherine’s exploitation of them.

    If you are saying to yourself “Katherine wouldn’t do that”, then just look at the Oprah interview and Oprah is a well known hater of MJ. Does Katherine even care?’s all about money.

  23. @ mjanwatch,

    Yes, shame on those who exploit 3 orphan and shame on those who thought they “owned” Michael that they own his children too. That by reading Media stories they know what is going on in the children lives. I normally stay away from subjects like this, because they anger me. This case is different. I am all for seeing Michael’s children are happy, but can you prove they are not?

    I don’t like some of Katherine’s business associates, but what has that got to do with the children. How do you know that this is not the children decision? They have a court appointed guardian. They don’t what to or it is believed it is bad for them that is her job, because SHE knows what is really going on rather than reading slanted Tabloid stories.

    Here is a question. What happens if you whip up enough controversy or belief that “all” of MJ’s fans are disproving of his Mom continued guardianship? Where exactly do you believe they should be raised and by whom?

    I am more outraged that anyone especially fans would use the word DCFS in connection with Michael’s children since surely they know he feared losing custody of his children due to person’s like the most racist D. Dimond & C. Libermann who thought hiding their faces for their protection, having a gesture of presenting his son reported wrong and being accused of a lie was reason to do so. Allred is going to love this one since she doesn’t believe kids are his and should be put in the system rather than being raised by this Black family.

    Perhaps I am misunderstanding your intent and if so I apologize, but as a mother and Black woman if this site causes DCFS to become involved we are going to throw down.

    I respect the difficult task of raising children of the most famous man in the world with all that she has to put up with from us and others.

    • Please don’t pull the mother and black card on us, ok? We are mothers and we are of all colors here at M.J.A.N. Throw down all you wish because we will throw down right back!

      Melissa Johnson of HTWF is a court documented stalker of Michael Jackson, his asst Evvy Tavesci, and broke into Neverland. Michael felt she was a threat to his safety (Google the court records) and now THIS woman, a woman Michael wanted nothing to do with, is now associated with Michael’s children through Katherine Jackson.

      Michael’s wishes are being trampled upon and we will no longer be silent.

      Thank you for commenting on our blog but we respectfully disagree with you.

    • A few facts you should know. First, M.J.A.N. has a primarily (not exclusively, but MOSTLY) female membership. Many of M.J.A.N. members are mothers, and many are African-American. It’s a multicultural, multinational, multi-racial organization.

      No one at M.J.A.N. has called for the “removal” of the children from the home. As far as D.C.F.S. is concerned, that household has ALREADY been investigated by them once, in a detailed investigation regarding the presence of a taser in the home. I.e., DCFS already has a file on that household and those children. No one at M.J.A.N. was involved with calling for that investigation. It happened due to leaks made by someone (probably a family member) to TMZ. If there is, indeed, another investigation, the likely result would be for Katherine to have some guidelines, such as: Not involving the children in promotion of a charity and a business enterprise currently involved in lawsuits by the very entity that is guarding their interests (the estate), AND, not exposing them to a person whom the estate alleges is a former STALKER of Michael. It’s not rocket-science that exposing them to this person is a bad idea? (Plus, this has nothing to do with support or non-support of the executors. It’s about the CHILDREN.)

      It’s true that the children have a “guardian ad litem.” However, her responsibility is financial, and not their physical or emotional well-being.

      Katherine has placed herself in direct opposition to the estate, and has involved the children in promoting enterprises that ultimately may be detrimental to THEM. They gain wealth through the estate’s business dealings, but not necessarily through Katherine’s associations with Mann and Johnson. So, this is not even primarily about their “emotional well-being” (that may be an issue, but that is not known, for sure), but in terms of involving them in controversial situations. THAT, is known, and seems to be a very bad idea.

  24. I still dont understand WHY???? Katherine Jackson is doing buisness with that person being that he is/was involved in the porn industry etc.. and MJ wanted nothing to do with him. I wonder if she is being blackmailed and WHY are the children all of a sudden in the spotlight doing all these interviews and there were NOT before.Noone knows what is really going on behind closed doors.. I just worry about the sharks that will be circuling the children looks like they have already started.. Someone needs to do something now it should be illegal they are underage. Those people should be sued. Poor Micheal, no one to trust not even family.

  25. Petra Bernard

    I will not buy any items from the Jacksons and Howard Mann until all cease the exploitation of Michael Jackson’s children.

  26. Katherine jackson is not exploting mj kids I repeat she is not exploting mj kids, This is to strange for any real fan that love mj to start somthing like this, this is someone that is working for the estate (branca) or just jealous of the jackson family and acting like a real fan of mj you are trying to devide the fan community to hurt katherine jackson fan support. It will not work we are own to you we see through you, you can fool some younger fans for a while. to all the people that are working for branca and are hidden moles on mj boards this is for you we are banning together and spreading the word everywhere we can til you are exposed and stopped. truth will prevail god willing.

    • No one here works for the estate of Michael Jackson. We’re actually quite skeptical of the estate! But just as Michael appointed Katherine as MJ3’s guardian, he appointed John Branca and McClain as his executors. Some fans are trying to have it both ways and you can’t. Either Michael Jackson appointed them all or he didn’t. Which is it?

      We have a right to be worried just as you do. This isn’t about which fan will prevail – it’s about what Michael would have wanted for his children. You obviously don’t care about what Michael would have wanted.

    • No one involved with M.J.A.N. is “working for” the Estate, whatsoever, or for any other person or entity. M.J.A.N. is an entirely independent, all-volunteer organization.

      Read the contract Mrs. Jackson signed with Howard Mann, if you want to hear about “exploitation?” Most fans were very supportive of Mrs. Jackson initially, but her behavior and actions have now disillusioned many. It is unacceptable that Michael Jackson’s children are apparently being required to promote enterprises that are currently the subject of lawsuits, by the SAME estate that supports them and Mrs. Jackson. That’s pretty easy to understand, isn’t it?

  27. Michael’s children have a court appointed guardian ad litem to look out for them, not only financially, but physically and emotionally. Her name is Margaret Lodise; her email address is I emailed her; the gist being: “In your capacity as Guardian Ad Litem for Michael Jackson’s three minor children, Michael’s fans and supporters urge you to take action against Melissa Johnson and Howard Mann, who are using the minor children for their own financial gain. Johnson’s Heal the World Foundation is NOT the same Heal the World Foundation founded by their father in 1992. While agreeing that Michael Jackson’s LEGITIMATE giant philanthropc history should be brought into the public mainstream to counter the defamatory lies being spread by Team Conrad Murray, Ms. Johnson’s use of these innocent three children to promote a “charity” that HAD NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH MICHAEL JACKSON, scamming his name, likness and image for her own greedy purposes, and accepting contributions from UNKNOWING fans still grieving Michael’s loss, goes beyond the pale of decency. I urge you to intervene on behalf of Michael Jr., Paris and Prince Michael II, to STOP the blatant exploitation of these children by the likes of Melissa Johnson and Howard Mann. And on a strictly legal legal, it is highly possible that the childrens’ participation in encouraging the public to contribute to a FRAUDULENT charity could subject them to legal liability.

    Perhaps more emails will cause her to do her job and act on behalf of the children.

  28. I totally agree with all the posts above. I would have never, ever thought The Jackson Family would threat their deceased son in this way. Yes, they laid him in the most elaborate way fit for THE KING. But somehow the Jackson family have shown no love towards our KING since his departure and now it’s affecting the children which could be a life long lasting affect.
    Mike was so adament about how he wanted his mother Katherine to be their gardian and she is but with some stings attached.(uh his mother)
    Now that our angel has left this world that he was to good for It seems as though all of the family memebers are srambling for money deals, though it be legal or illegle, including Ms. Katherine and her new found friend, Howard Mann and Ms Johnson who in Mike’s earliers won a lawsuit in court due to Howar Mann’s previous pornography dealing. Now, he is hooking into Ms. Katherine and bucking the estate who has the final say regarding Ms. Katherine’s dealing regading MJ<3 . We the fans are watching and when there is someone hurting the MJ<3, we will not accept such behavor and we are seeking that justice will be served by a court or the DCFS. What ever it takes to get justice served.

  29. Thank you MJAN for voicing my concerns in such an elaborate and factual way.
    Obviously Michael’s wishes are no longer–if ever have been–taken into consideration, and this carries a very special weight coming from his own mother.
    Given the situation, and bearing the children’s best interest at heart, I hope that two things can result out of this responsible blog:
    a) Katherine Jackson must gain knowledge and perspective on the Mann/Johnson issue, which apparently she ignores.
    b) The estate has to take action. I believe they have been patient and lineant up until now for certain reasons, but this apparently should be brought to an end.
    Tragically these kids have ended up involved with a very questionable charity and they are being overexposed to media despite their father’s wishes.
    Why do fans have to be the only ones to realize how disappointed Michael would be at his children’s manipulation?
    Why do fans have to be the only ones who don’t ignore him?

  30. Yes, I support this. I am very disappointed in everything is going on, especially this contract.

    It seems as every wish Michael got for his kids is disregarded.

    He surely want them to concentrate on school, and less on entertainment opportunities, at their age.
    He also would have hated to see his precious children tied up in a dirty and lousy contract like this.

  31. I hope you guys consider reprucussions in getting DCF involved. These kids have been through enough. katherine has done nothing illegally that DCF can make her stop doing. Again, I think this is another case of fans thinking they know more then the actual people involved. Robin Roberts referred to the kids as “normal” and again it is being taken out of context. Most celeb kids grow up alot different then their peers……that is what she was getting at.

  32. How can I get in touch with you guys via mail?

  33. This is so strange you call yourself fans of mj and are looking out for him, well to tell all of you michael jackson kids will not support you on this, you really are not on mj kids side or on michael side even though you say so, but you would be pleasing branca (estate) with this, do you think mj kids will support you on this? the answer is no they will defend there grandmother katherine against you and against the estate there is a devide and that devision will come clear on one side you have you the so calls fans and the estate fighting to remove mj kids on the other side you have mj kids supporting there grandmother and mj fans and jackson family fans supporting mj kids and katherine

    • YOU are not a true fan of Michael Jackson. If so, you would know what he has said about his children and how he was against using them for any type of gain. Your antics will not be tolerated here and you will be removed from this blog if you keep acting like this. Understand?

  34. Hello, the kids are targeted by the Tabloid Press and every appearance is published Worldwide. That time has not yet come! Begin ACTING IN MICHAEL JACKSONs WILL and KEEP them safe until they are ready as actors, directors, and whatever they want!

  35. thank you for addressing this intolerable issue regarding the manipulative exploits of Howard Mann and Melissa Johnson as they relate to MJ, his innocent children, mother, and loving fans . it is refreshing to see a gathering of well informed individuals raising their voice, contributing time and effort to alert the otherwise unsuspecting and well-intended caught in the middle of an often confusing raucous. the thoughtful statement written by MJAN represents not hearsay nor division, but valid concern based on relevant and legally documented information vs. those of questionable character at best. what we are witnessing in the absence of a kind and generous father is quite disconcerting. but what is also unfortunate are the activities of the misdirected, misinformed, hearsay-driven, tooled and bent on the creation and spreading of propaganda for the benefit of a few (even to the point of suggesting that if one is not with them, that person is a “spy” for the “evil” MJ Estate? pardon, but how asinine) – all at MJ’s expense. their behavior is deplorable, and from what we are witnessing, a danger to what MJ held dearest to him. i personally resent anyone who would be so presumptuous as to even suggest that one’s love and efforts to offer educated clarity on the matter at hand out of respect for MJ are short of sincere and genuine. it pains me to see the growing extent of the manipulation, that the ones being victimized by scam artists do not even realize so much so they are being used to defend it. let’s hope the damage may be minimized, if not still prevented from worsening.
    i vehemently support MJ, his expressed wishes, the well being of his mother and children – and i SUPPORT the statement by MJAN!

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