An Open Letter to Michael Jackson’s Family

In the early days after Michael Jackson’s death, most fans gave his family the benefit of the doubt as to whether or not they would behave respectfully and honorably, and would protect Michael’s children from the premature celebrity that cost him his own childhood. Now, with a series of fiascos generated by the Jackson family, the affection many fans could have had for them is at an end. We would like for the Jacksons to know exactly why so many fans have serious concerns.

To the Jackson family:

You should plan no more tribute concerts without the full cooperation and support of Michael Jackson’s Estate. However, it is unlikely that they will give you that cooperation and support – and particularly after the ill-conceived and badly timed proposed concert in Wales. Any sort of tribute concert should be left to the Estate to plan and execute – not you. It’s been stated that no less than thirteen Jacksons will either perform or attend the tribute concert. Since this has been advertised as a charity concert, you would be well-advised to give whatever you might earn for performing/attending, to the Estate to donate to charities that Michael supported.

You do not own the right to Michael’s name, image, nor likeness. The Estate does, and the executors are growing the Estate for Michael’s children – not for you. According to the Estate as it’s being managed, you are actually not allowed to use Michael’s name, image, nor likeness for any marketing schemes. You may remember Michael fondly as the brother, son, uncle, and cousin that he was, but please do so quietly, amongst yourselves.

There is no need for you to give tribute concerts for charities in Michael’s name, at all. Michael provided for charities generously, in his will.

There is no need for you to set up a trust fund for Michael’s children. The Estate IS their trust fund, and they will be some of the wealthiest people in the United States, without your help.

There is no need for you to attempt to preserve Michael’s legacy. He achieved his globally recognized legacy without you. In a professional sense, preserving his legacy is what the Estate is for, and they are doing just that. The best way you can protect the legacy of this great man, is to behave properly and respectfully, and to pursue your own lives and careers.

You seem not to comprehend the terms of Michael’s will, and your place in it – which is nowhere. Michael’s mother, Katherine, will continue to receive a generous stipend, but the Estate is not her money. It belongs to Michael’s children.

Michael Jackson’s fans are not your fans. If they had wanted to be fans of other Jackson family members, they would have done so when Michael was still alive. The fans are not an already-planted crop to be harvested by you, as an income for you, and their fandom does not transfer to the family automatically — if at all.

You continue to squabble amongst yourselves, but in a very public way. Please work out your differences in private, and refrain from tweeting your arguments for all to see. Your quarreling is undignified, and should be resolved within the privacy of the family.

You are not actually a dynasty, nor are you royalty with a kingdom. There is only one living Michael Jackson sibling with a high-level career. That is Janet, and she earned it. The rest of you would be wise to pursue your own projects and careers. Modesty is a virtue, and describing yourselves as a dynasty has become an embarrassment.

Michael’s wishes for the parenting of his children should be respected. He lost his own childhood due to premature celebrity, and he tried very hard to protect his children from that same loss. They are not bait, for any money-making enterprises of yours. They need to be loved and supervised until they are of the ages to make their own choices about whether or not to have public lives. The Jackson family can best preserve Michael’s legacy by raising his children according to his choices when alive.


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  1. Please God let not fall this only on dumb ears (and minds!)! thanks!!!

  2. I’m glad someone finally had the balls to say this…. well written, touched on everything I’ve been feeling for so long now… But of course the Jackson sycophants will have something to say about this lol.

  3. Since when was the MJ fan community filled with so much hate? This letter is absolutely shameful.

    • In no way do i think it is hate, it is a duty of the fans…
      so do you mean that it is a compulsory obligation of the fans to NOT to hate anyone who does wrong to Michael? in that case we all shouldn’t all hate the chandlers and the arvizos!
      we are Michael Jackson’s fans and we will support everything that is right for Michael!

      It is just not right of the Jackson family to organize a tribute at this point of time, it is absurd.
      and the brothers only live on michael’s name! yes that’s the truth!

  4. I FULLY support this letter and i think that is was VERY necessary. The Jackson continue to use the name Michael Jackson and his children for their money making schemes. It started way before this lame excuse for a tribute concert they started back after Michael passed away and it has been one thing after another with them, Michael was NOT a huge wallet for them to keep digging money from.the Jackson’s can no longer run to him for Money so now they have starting trying to figure out ways to continue to use him even in death,,,them continually trying to use his children is beyond sickening now. They need to understand that they need to rely on THEMSELVES to take care of themselves,,,,not minor children. So hopefully they can comprehend what it is this letter is implying and FIX the problem

  5. Very well written. Very well said. My sentiments indeed. I hope this letter gets to them. Thank you.

  6. I DO AGREE !! Very well written simply speak my mind! More than once i have expressed such feelings but in different moments. Now i find them all here on public display on your blog! BRAVO!

  7. I agree 100% I love this blog because the writers aren’t afraid to express themselves in a respectful manner and speak the truth!

  8. I actually agree with this letter so much. This doesnt mean hate. I am sick of his family that keep on surfacing after Michael left. Where was them before? I never attack Jackson’s family because its not fair for Michael as he loved his family sooo much. But in my heart, I don’t like it. It is Michael, only Michael that is the legend, greatest legend, not them. And I hate fact that, anyone of Jackson family wants to come out with something, they will mention , Michael Jackson nephew, niece or whosoever. Why must they do that? because they want name so easily and give Michael”s fans the feel of sympathy to support them? I am sorry I never do that. Anyone who wants to be succeed, must do it themselves, not using their legendary family name, in this case Michael. People keep on asking me to support other Jackson family, sorry I can’t, I am only Michael’s fan. All of Jacksons keep on using Michael’s name forever. I am sick of that. I love you endlessly Michael.

  9. I actually agree with this letter so much. This doesnt mean hate. I am sick of his family that keep on surfacing after Michael left. Where was them before? I never attack Jackson’s family because its not fair for Michael as he loved his family sooo much. But in my heart, I don’t like it. It is Michael, only Michael that is the legend, greatest legend, not them. And I hate fact that, anyone of Jackson family wants to come out with something, they will mention , Michael Jackson nephew, niece or whosoever. Why must they do that? because they want name so easily and give Michael”s fans the feel of sympathy to support them? I am sorry I never do that. Anyone who wants to be succeed, must do it themselves, not using their legendary family name, in this case Michael. People keep on asking me to support other Jackson family, sorry I can’t, I am only Michael’s fan. All of Jacksons keep on using Michael’s name forever. I am sick of that. I love you endlessly Michael.

  10. I’m aware some people disagree with most of the things the family does, but this letter? Ugh…

    We’re just fans, we can’t tell the family what to do, what to say, how to behave. You say they don’t respect his legacy? Where were you in 2005? Where were you in 1993?

    You only know what the press reports about them, but yet you claim to know whether or not they fight for Justice? Both Katherine and Joseph filed a lawsuit against AEG. Joseph tried to contest the will. You don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors.

    It’s ok to express our own opinions – with respect. But demand the family to do that or say that? As I said, we’re just fans who admire a man. They’re his family. Face that.

    • @ Karmen Legazpi,,

      Thank you for understanding, for your humanity. For all the weeping a wailing some “Fans” are doing they seemed to have missed Michael’s message. You do not have a right to badger and verbally violate Michael’s Mother.

      Just who in the heck do YOU think you are? When did Michael give you the right to demean his Mother in this manner? What makes you think you have the RIGHT to do so?

      I keep asking this question when I find commentaries like this from “Fans” When did you forget these people are human, are subject to hurt in the same manner as was Michael by a pack of malicious ignorants. People who only know what they read, base their PREJUDICES from their own world, but do not live, cannot have any concept of what it was to be him or his family. You/We know NOTHING of what is truly going on btw the Estate Managers & Heirs other than the family’s complaints and the Estate’s feel good articles printed by an untrustworthy Media.

      You do the Tabloid Media a great service, you help to ensure there will no harmony in the Fanbase and they will continue to apply their labels to Michael using us.

      You demand Murray take responsibility for his part in the children losing their father. Will do you do the same if your damaging actions cause them to lose their Grandmother?

    • I respect your opinion, but I disagree. For your information, I was at the court house in 2005 and was there in 1993 as well. Thanks for asking.

  11. OOIIII





    • Aren’t you the Taaj Malik? Girl, get out of here. Your opinion would count if you were of sane thought and mind. Because you’re not, your opinion comes off as a paid shill of Howard Mann & his special interest. How much were you paid to comment on this blog?

      You are a disgrace to Michael Jackson’s memory and everything HE stood for. If I recall, you were a Michael Jackson hater who thought he was a pedophile. Thanks for the about face after his death!

      Go play elsewhere. We have no time for you!

      • Why are you deleting comments. I commented here yesterday that I agreed with Teammichael about how wrong this is and NOT the day to do this – the 2nd anniv of the day they laid their son to rest. Clearly you have a problem with this person but I happen to agree. You must not want others to agree with Taaj. That is really sad. You are one sad pathetic person to even write this in the first place. So tell me are the same 35 fan groups that wanted to boycott GLE and failed signing their names to this too? This is total harassment and a good case of bullying. I hope the Jackson’s sue your ass.

      • We’re deleting your comments not because you agreed with TeamMichael, but because you are harassing us. If you think Taaj is that important to us think again. You can agree with her all you want to, but when you start comparing us to Tom Sneddon when we STOOD side by side with Michael Jackson then expect to be checked and then banned.

        And if we’re sued we’re going to turn around and sue your ass for internet stalking, defamation of character, etc. reverse IP check ups are a BITCH, aren’t they?

    • Right on my dear friends at TeamMichael. You knew I’d agree with you on this one.
      To attack Michael’s family, is wrong no matter how you slice it.
      I am so sick to death of these so-called fans coming out of the wood work spreading their hate. They seem to be forgetting the man that they are supposed to be fans of.True fans do not behave like this. They obviously aren’t even considering how this would be making Michael feel.
      Why can’t they all, the haters that is, just keep their rotten, hateful opinions to themselves and just stop already?
      This is Michael’s family for Heaven’s sake, not a bunch of strangers.Yes, Michael never got a childhood, and yes, it’s well known why, but as my friends here stated, nobody knows what’s going on away from the public eye,but the ones involved
      Has everyone forgotten this passage:”Judge not lest ye be judged.”
      It’s a good rule to go by. Do these haters really want to be seated before God in the end, trying to explain their actions during their lifetimes? I doubt it.
      IF everyone wants to represent Michael,then do it the right way. They are doing the best they can under extremely difficult circumstances. And what if this was you all, friends not included here,. What if this was you who had died, and your family survived? Would you want people attacking your family and loved ones? I doubt it. And this is what this letter is. An atack on his family



    • Yes this day was chosen as a reminder to the Jackson family of WHAT IS IMPORTANT. A tribute concert? NO. Justice for Michael? YES. You and the family seem to forget.

      Stop using Michael Jackson to further your own agenda, Taaj. You never gave a damn about Michael until after he died. Now go away and play with someone else. You are not wanted here. No one gives a damn if you’re mad. What are you going to do? Cry about it? Call Howard Mann? Call Randy Jackson and ask him to make Michael’s mean fans stop?

      Girl, BYE! Again, keep it moving.


    )(*&^%$£%^&*()_(*&^%$£”%^&*()_(*&^%$£ YOU

    • No, we’re not MJ Haters. Unlike you, we stood by Michael in LIFE and protect his legacy in DEATH. We care for his children.

      You on the other hand? You’re just some psycho stalker who’s seeking attention. You’re about to be banned from this blog. We have no time for such foolishness.

      • Yes you are filled with hate to write this crap to this family. When karma comes to bite you in the ass I hope it hurts like hell. And believe me when you go to face your Maker – the slide to hell will be well-greased. May be sit right next to Conrad Murray, Tom Sneddon, Diane Dimond and Nancy Grace, Bashir, and Branca. You are scum just like they are

      • Filled with hate? Unlike you and your brood of vipers, we stood with MICHAEL JACKSON IN LIFE. You on the other hand, probably jumped on the “Oh I love Michael now that he’s dead” bandwagon. We were there when he called upon us to be there. Where were you? You are an ignorant asshole who needs a life an education. I don’t speak for all the members of M.J.A.N. or the entire fan community, just myself. Don’t you dare compare anyone of us to those you have mentioned. You’re nothing more than a damned liar internet bully. You can kiss all our collective asses and go on about your business. You’re blocked so keep it moving.

        Jackson stalkers are amazing and delusional all wrapped into one.

  14. I am tired of reading about Michael’s own family treating him like a never-ending money tree and using his name to make themselves look important…Yes the Jackson 5 were great, but it was MICHAEL who was the shining star…The brothers can’t seem to get that…And I love Janet, too, because she went out and busted her butt and did it her own way…

    The most shameful behavior of all comes from Michael’s father, Joe…He is an embarassment…He needs to be locked in a room with his mouth sealed shut…His so gave him a life only dreamed of by others, but he speaks and behaves like he’s still back in the poor side of town…

    Those brothers should be legally prevented from using Michael’s name or putting on any shows…They are nothing but bloodsuckers…

  15. Wow! This is so sad to read. First of all – suggestion – go to the following video and watch it. Notice where Diane Dimond talks about the family in the same way this letter is being presented. Please – do not fall prey to media tabloid garbage. You do not know this family, only via snippets of pictures, slanted stories, etc. I don’t know them either neither do I see 3 children who need to be subjected to a fan community who thinks they know best how to raise them.

    Who are you to tell a family how to live, what gives any of you the right. Just stop following them. Go back and listen to Micheal’s words about hate and how love (real love) can turn it around. This is not a letter of love by any means. You are so much better than this.

    Who are you all to tell this family how and in what way they can raise Michael Jackson’s children? Use his name? Can you imagine someone telling you that you couldn’t use the name of your own child who passed away, in public, ever again? Don’t do to his family what the media and public did to their son. This letter borders on bullying. You are all walking on a slippery slope. You all wouldn’t exist with such popularity on your Facebook pages, blogs, special events without the use of Michael Jackson’s name and his pictures, look in the mirror. I know we are all better than this.

  16. Yep we should go back to listen to the person we love, when he was still here and talked about how his childhood was taken away from him. It was cuz there had to be fed a whole family for the price of making him suffering a life long, a much too short life!!!
    He did every effort to protect his children, he didn’t even care to be again unfairly called a weirdo for putting his children protected behind masks etc… the childhood for his children was worth EVERY effort, without doubt the most important.
    Now see what’s happening… the same ppl using him his life long are using him in death. A trust is born for those children, Kate Jackson will have her hands on (to feed the family again) the price is now the childhood for Prince, Paris and Blanekt.
    And we’re supposed to watch only? To stay sugarcoated and quiet?
    Honestly for that I’m just still too much a fan!!! When Michael was (ab)used to feed this family I was a kid without a voice. Now I’m educated adult and do have a voice and I would sign this without hesitating.
    As once their beloved father the three kids now have to go here and there to promote their families business. First Oprah to promote a book for grandma, now Jacksonstreet to promote the perfume of old grandpa!!! Are you guys blind??? Do you watch by heart???
    Would a kid say no to it when having the feeling this is the only ppl in this world they have left?!
    Sorry but staying quiet while watching this, that’s for a fan with a heart not possible. OMG did you see Blanket there??? I saw Michael exactly the same… did you guys listen when Michael explained as an adult what that did to him???
    Enough is enough!!!!!
    Someone has to fight for Michael. We always did and we will not stop!!! This is about true love!!! You can call it hate a billion times that doesn’t make it hate!!! This is about true love and getting ones butt up for what ones believe in!
    Stop using Michael and his kids for your own financial gain I say!!!

  17. @Karmen speaks things that truly has no reason
    because she once said she only cared about the CD MJ, 2001″ invincible ”
    he does not remember his words
    I think it would have to make memory !!!

  18. I find it strange that people think no one should voice their opinions or thoughts on what Michael Jackson’s family is doing. When Michael was alive we stood by him, we cared for him, we loved him, we cried for him and we were there every step of the way for Michael Jackson.

    Who made Michael Jackson the icon he became? His fans love for his own hard work and dedication. Why should we be silenced now that he has been taken away from us? Why would anyone say we have no right to champion our beloved Michael?

    During Michael’s life his family had different goals and agendas. Michael conqured the music industry while his family watched him. They tried their own careers some more sucessful then others but not one of them could touch the fame Michael reached. That’s life and reality. Like many of Michael’s fans I started with the whole family but MIchael outshone them and my path led to him not the others. My love and support is with him and his children not the extended family who he left behind. I and many like me will not simply love the rest of the family because they share a genetic pool. Respect, love and fandom is earned just like trust.

    It is not uncommon that the love Michael had for his mother led to her having custody of his children. That love and decisions made surrounding it are not what is in question. The blatant disregard for Michael’s wishes, his children and his legacy are.

    We have as much right to voice our opinions on the matter as Michael’s birth family does because Michael allowed us in. We are his army of love and Michael always knew we would be here for him for eternity.

    In my opinion, I honestly believe some of Michael’s family are injured that they were not a part of his will and taken care of for the future. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that why we all have jobs? No one else takes care of my bills or takes responsibility for my failures and sucesses. Normal people have to provide for ourselves and our children. Some of us even take care of our parents but that is our personal decisions just like Michael decided when he included his children and his mother and no one else in his will.

    Because family exists does not mean there is the right to use Michael in attempts to line your own pockets and for fans to sit back and watch it is despicable. The family are just as much targets for this deception when it is others behind it. The people using Michael, his mother and his children need to be stopped. If the family supports these people then they are not supporting Michael and will be called out for dishonoring Michael. No amount of money in the world can justify ignoring Michael’s wishes, his memory or his children’s future. The family may or may not like how things have to work to truly honor Michael’s wishes but that is simply irrelevant. Michael’s estate needs to step up and shut them down as well as anyone else just trying to make a buck off of Michael’s death.

    The people who think Michael’s fans are toys to be profited off of but not respected are ignorant. Our loyality is to his memory and we will voice our opinions when it is required. They can sit up and listen or they can ignore us and go broke. Michael’s true fans will not back down.

    To honor MIchael Jackson’s memory, his legacy and his family see that the man who killed him is found guilty. Anything else is disrespectful and pathetic.

    Momma Shannon

  19. Peace out haters

    Words of wisdom!!!

    Michael’s kids meant more to him than anything else in this world. And it was HIS wish that his kids would have a normal childhood. He wouldn’t want them to be paraded in front of the world, and this is what is happening now. He would want them to be loved and he wanted them to have a childhood he never had. And what is his family doing? Dragging his kids to Oprah (who was always very negative about Michael), Joe getting them to promote his perfume? This is not what Michael meant when he talked about childhood. Yes, he left his kids with Katherine and it’s a great opportunity for her to prove that this time she’ll make the right decisions. This was her son’s last wish, that his kids would be brought up the way HE wanted. Michael’s siblings need to stop using HIS name and HIS legacy and HIS fans to promote themselves and their projects. This needs to stop now!

    Michael was deeply hurt by what happened to him as a child and he would never want to see his children going through the same thing. Katherine gets stipend from the Estate, the other siblings and Joe AREN’T beneficiaries and that was MICHAEL’S WISH. They have no claim for his money, his legacy or his fans. It’s time for the Jackson family to understand that. Michael’s fans will always support his children and him and will never stop in the name of justice. It’s time the Jackson family starts fighting for justice and stops fighting for the money.

  20. This is exactly how I have felt, and what I’ve been talking with others about. This family, except for Michael and Janet (the hardest working Jacksons, I might add), have been about nothing but GREED. This letter is perfect. Yes, Michael loved his mother and wanted her and his children taken care of, but Katherine Jackson continues to show that she “never gets enough”, but constantly going into business with or making deals with shady people that Michael would never approve of.

  21. Thank You for writing so eloquently what many of us have been thinking forever. I pray the Jackson Family will actually see/hear this message. Michael wasn’t a meal ticket for the entire lot of them. He was just one person with an exceptional gift.

  22. What is the intention of the letter? What would make you all find peace with this family? Are you saying that the Jackson family can no longer be in the music industry, that Austin Brown shouldn’t mention his Uncle or dance a single move he did. Or Omar, who just issuef a video tht referenced Michael Jackson heavily should stpp? They all need to get desk jobs and hide their talent. Yes, they are talented, Michael thought so.

    Have you talked to Paris, Prince and Blanket? Theu seem to be having a nice childhood. They have dreams to continue there Dad’s work amd seem thriiled to honor him. I rember one thing vivedly and felt Michael’s pain when child protective services came to determine if the children were safe in his care. Many believed the stories and didn’t know the truth. This is not somethng to mess with. I want to know your agenda for a letter of this nature. I am an admirer of Michael Jackson, a fan, I do not approve of this letter. You are not truly thinking of the children’s best interest. Michael would be hurt if this causes undo stress on his mother and impacts her ability to be in his kids lives.

  23. i think this family needs to be left alone the only questionable ones are latoya and joseph how would like like millions of fans telling your families what to do does hating on this family pay any of your bills each month how many dollars have it made any of you this year or in years past tell me how much money has been made hating on this family are you billionaires yet

  24. global live events are the greedy ones they seem to me to be a company with few answers and disrepecting the fans here’s what u do dont buy tickets and dont go and make your own tributes the family just needs to research and do background checks on everybody before doing anything that is all

  25. The fans would have been quite happy to feel/know that Katherine Jackson was raising Michael’s children in the way Michael wished for them to be raised.
    However, this does NOT seem to be happening.
    Since Michael’s passing–there have been several “events” held–to promote several “things” –Books–belts–perfumes–concerts–etc—NONE of these are necessary—The children–and Michael;s Mother are well cared for–as per Michael’s will.
    We would not feel that any of this action is necessary—IF—Prince, Paris,Blanket were being allowed a happy carefree childhood–as Michael would have been giving them if he was still with them
    And, certainly—we do not know the Jackson’s–but we certainly do know of these “things” the family try to promote. Michael set up others to manage his estate—NOT his family to manage his estate. So I would ask the Jacksons–leave it up to the estate.

  26. Mike’s children seem fine. So what if Paris held a perfume bottle for a couple of seconds in front of local news cameras?

    Even if you were genuinely offended by it, why blame the entire Jackson family for something that was likely just Joe’s doing?

    Some of you really appear to have it out for Mike’s family. Sad.

  27. Replace ‘Jackson family’ for ‘Michael Jackson’ and you’ll know how and why Michael Jackson was crucified.

  28. It would seem the intention of the letter was to point out the obvious. I personally am not at war with Michael Jackson’s family. I am ashamed of some of the decisions they make. Is there outside influence over their decisions and do money and fame back some of their intentions – yes and because of that I agree with the letter. I said they needed jobs I didn’t specify desk jobs or that they couldn’t be in the music industry. The entire family has talent – otherwise they would never have been. I just think they need to do it on their own merits. Anyone can copy Michael’s moves and most do. But they have their own style and grace attached to it and they don’t base their abilities on it. It’s hard work, a lot of luck and timing. Sometimes you sky rocket and other times you don’t – but my bills don’t stop coming because I’m not sucessful – they still have to be paid and a reliable source of income is needed. That’s just reality.

    I didn’t write the letter but I agree with it and think the agenda is plainly stated. The family should check themselves and the Estate should get control of those that would misuse Michael’s death for their own profits. Profits that would be taken away from Michael’s children and his estate by those running these unapproved events, merchandise, etc… Only the estate can give permission for these things and that is by design. They are the only ones securing Michael’s children’s future. Michael made his will to protect them and nobody has a right to side swipe his wishes.

    One thing I don’t understand, why would this letter cause any undo stress on his mother? That seems to imply some form of guilt and surely his mother understood her sons wishes and wants the same thing for her grandchildren that Michael impressed upon them. She’s a smart woman who is not too old or feeble to see what is happening around her and what she is drawn into. Katherine has a hard job – she is responsible for three more children. She’s raised her children and now she has to finish raising Michael’s. The choices she makes effects them and she is completely capable of making decisions. These too are choices we make out of necessity and want. If problems arise with people who would use her position that is what the Estate is for. That pretty much goes for any of the Jackson family. Communicate with the Estate.

    I would like nothing better then to see proper events and real merchandise based on approval of the Estate and timed appropriately. I can’t imagine the Estate denying a celebration of Michael’s life and legacy when it is right and done properly – during his murderer’s trial is not right. The parties involved in all these different ventures need to get together and try talking, work things out and stop trying to take short cuts using anyone they can to simply do what they want to do to get money. Can’t imagine why they would expect not to face opposition when they bypass Michael Jackson’s Estate.

  29. Katherine Jackson has 8 living adult children whos ages range from
    62 to 45 so why do they never come to the defense of her actions
    much less her husband Joe they obviously know somethings we don’t
    i pretty sure when those two finally die all the true will come out like bats
    out of a church belfry and the remaining jackson 8 will have new books to
    publish/sell to eager fans on the real truth of growing up jackson
    But in the mean time you’ll get more exploiting behavior and claims
    of being misunderstood like Taj Jackson this man-child is nearly 40
    yrs old sad his entire life has revolved around his Uncle Mike not his
    own father who abandoned him and his brothers as kids thats when
    Michael stepped in and paid for his private school and
    I believe paid for him to go to college instead of taking the large hint
    from Mike to become something other than a jackson parasite or
    a wannabe musician he like so many others did not take the chance
    given to him back in the day and now at his age he whines about
    what he has to go through not what michael’s own children have to
    go through every month being exploited but him that should tell you
    all you need to know about the continuing solo mindset of this family
    Now bear in mind the grown grandchildren who don’t act like MJ owes
    them something this would be Marlon’s Kids and the 2 boys now adult
    Jeremy and Jourdynn whos mother escaped the Havyenhurst Estate
    we now see much to the benefit of her to children by Jermanine. 20yrs
    later how better off their were and still are for not being around Katherine
    and Joseph nonsense all these years So Finally no child comes out of the womb being a scam/con-artist that is certainly learned behavior so where did Taj and the other 2 and 3rd generation jacksons learned to be layabouts and parasites on the Estate of Michael Jackson. Which was once at Michael’s Expense now it is at the Expense of his Children.

  30. … And the blind hate continues to consume the community.

  31. Have the people that wrote that letter forgotten that those same children that they are saying they are so concerned about would be very hurt reading that about their family members? Good or bad they love them for all the reasons that a child should love them. Because they are given love that is why Michael chose his Mother and essentially his family to care for them. The Estate is an entity without love but a bottom line. Michael was always willing to love and support his family in spite of news reports to the contrary. Most of the family do have their own projects that support them it is just in fields outside of music or behind the scenes.I think it is very ill timed and completely uncalled for. Do they think Michael would approve of his fans scolding his Mother and in essence his children because when you say family that is who it includes. However these people might feel about it those feelings are best left unsaid. No one has a right to judge a family dynamic if you are not in it. Perhaps the authors of this would like to put their family information out in the public for the publics scrutiny.

  32. You dickriders really need to get off this site and go the fuck somewhere, that’s the first thing. Taaj, u hate america so much so why the fuck are you here? didn’t you just get banned and called a stalker by randy? you got balls. you weren’t even a fan when he died, honey you were a hater so keep it fucking cute.

    The family needs to be called out. Sorry but his fans don’t mean we’re your fans. the end. the bullshit needs to stop and they think they’re so above anything. we will NOT support a tribute. we will NOT go to your shows or buy your pathetic singles and we will NOT co-sign your fuckery any more and we will call you out on how you raise those kids because you used and exploited michael since the day he went on stage and you still are. You will NOT do it to those kids.

    you don’t like it, then fuck off you fake wannabe dickeriderr ass fans.

  33. oh wow – how cold and mean this letter is. What gives you the right to tell this family what they should or shouldn’t do. Did someone put you in charge? And then to send it to them on the 2nd anniversary of the day they buried their son and brother and father? Have you ever lost a child? Do you know how painful it is? Well I do and you should be ashamed of yourself for saying what you said, especially to Katherine. Damn you are no better than the tabloid junkies that ruined Michael’s life. Now his fans are doing the same thing to his family and all of this reflects on his children. MJ’s kids love their family, and you can see that in photos that are shared. I sure hope they don’t come across this. I bet it would put Paris in tears. You have no right to do this. You are a bully and someday karma will come for you. And you won’t know when that is. Remember what MJ said – look in the mirror and make a change – I think you better heed his words. And if you have kids I hope you never lose one cause it hurts like hell and there are no words that can describe the pain that stays with you every day. And if you don’t, I pray you never do. You don’t deserve to be blessed with a miracle like a child.




  36. I see some fans are so manipulated that you cant see straight the tribute timing is oct 8th the estate authorized fan fest is dec 3,14 2011 where is the outraged about the fan fest you just so blinded that you attack katherine for supporting the tribute and not attack branca/estate for supporting the fan fest that will be during the trial double standard you fans have been manipulated !

  37. Over 100 comments from Jackson Family fans were deleted. Good its about time someone stood up for them.

    • No. Out of the 100 comments that were deleted, 40 were from one person. The other 60 were multiple comments from users like you ( You have 7 comments in moderation queue.) and the other comments were vile and disruptive. So since you and your friends cannot be reasonable we have decided not to deal with the likes of you and your friends. So we delete it or ban, or both!

  38. FortheloveofMichael

    Well why don’t you post my original comment and the let the readers be the judge. I forward my comment to many others and they found it to be truthful. Stop censoring because it doesn’t fall in line with your hate.

    • No one is censoring you. I’ve noticed that when someone doesn’t agree with people like you and the blog owner(s) use their discretion by moderating the first thing people like you yell is CENSORSHIP. Cry me a river!

      There are many dissenting opinions on this blog. We won’t acknowledge or entertain crap and if you’re comments fall within the scope of crap then so be it.

  39. FortheloveofMichael

    And by the way I can ALWAYS post my own blog with my response. So don’t try me.

  40. FortheloveofMichael

    You have alot of nerve talking about reasonable…what about this post?????

    You dickriders really need to get off this site and go the fuck somewhere, that’s the first thing. Taaj, u hate america so much so why the fuck are you here? didn’t you just get banned and called a stalker by randy? you got balls. you weren’t even a fan when he died, honey you were a hater so keep it fucking cute.

    The family needs to be called out. Sorry but his fans don’t mean we’re your fans. the end. the bullshit needs to stop and they think they’re so above anything. we will NOT support a tribute. we will NOT go to your shows or buy your pathetic singles and we will NOT co-sign your fuckery any more and we will call you out on how you raise those kids because you used and exploited michael since the day he went on stage and you still are. You will NOT do it to those kids.

    you don’t like it, then fuck off you fake wannabe dickeriderr ass fans.

  41. FortheloveofMichael

    I guess my original psychotic comment hit home. Get a life and leave the Jackson family alone. Michael did not belong to you, he belong to them. Do you get it!!!

    • Actually nothing you’re saying is hitting home and we actually feel sorry you. Now we shall ignore you. We’re not going to sit here and fight with you because your argument is weak.

      No further comments will be added from you.

    • Michael didn’t belong to anyone he was his own person. Through your comment alone you’ve admitted that the Jackson’s have a right to use Michael or his property (see: children) for their own personal financial gain. Something is sad when you think that family members are “belongings”.

  42. missunderstood1958

    Thank you for this letter. Personally, I have HAD it with this “family”. I feel sorry for Michael Jackson…because if the jacksons can be so disrespectful to him in death I can only imagine how bad it was when he was alive.

    Because of their greedy, classless behaviour of the past 2 years, I have gained a NEW LEVEL of respect and understanding for Michael.

    I don’t know how he survived this hell hole for 50 years…he really had rhenoceros’ skin. I hope his children have half of his courage..they will need it.

  43. This letter is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH!! I’m glad somebody finally said the truth! I don’t care what anyone says…those who support the Jacksons are NOT MIchael Jackson fans because he would NEVER approve or condone what they are doing or have done since his passing! Any REAL fan would know that! Supporting the Jacksons is a BLATANT betrayal of Michael and so all dick riders need to STFU and go join a Jackson family member’s fan club!!

  44. Seriously, ask yourself THIS: Would this ____ be going down if Michael was here? If the answer is no then it shouldn’t be going down NOW. It’s pretty simple. If you don’t agree with the position then feel free to #keepitmoving. Write your own blog if you like. There is no way everyone is going to agree on everything. We are ALL accountable for our actions etc. And the Jackson family is no different.


    • Oh get a grip… don’t you know it’s uncivilised to yell at people?

      And in answer to this: Seriously, ask yourself THIS: Would this ____ be going down if Michael was here?

      Of course this shit wouldn’t be going down if Mike was here, and that’s exactly why a lot of fans are disgusted with the way the family are behaving now with MJ’s children and his legacy.
      And if you don’t think a mother can sell her child down the river for a buck after he’s dead… then you better let Bob Marley know this too cause he became a “product for profit” fairly quick too…

    • missunderstood1958

      Wow….nice way of putting it. And I agree with you…. if it wouldn’t be going down when MJ was around, then it shouldn’t be now that he is gone.


  47. At first I was a bit uncomfortable with the tone of the letter…but 24 hours after first reading it…and in light of the Bullsh!t they keep throwing at us …I support Michael Jackson & this letter.

    Sad it has to come to this, EVEN SADDER, it had to come from fans…but this needed to be said.

  48. Support this letter 100%,is what I think.

  49. I support this letter 100%. The tone is appropriate under these circumstances.

    The Jackson brothers have always been big-headed thanks to Michael’s success (just look at how lots of his brothers now call themselves a “dynasty”), have lived a carefree life thanks to Michael’s generosity (and instead of budget with the received money some of them have blown it). They are just simple musicians, no smart men.
    Now they wonder why many fans neither trust nor have much respect for them with all the dubious things they have done (e.g. Randy disappeared with the fans’ donated money through MJJSource without a word; Jermaine introduced Tohme Tohme to Michael; Katherine signed a deal with Howard Mann – as she’s too old and very naive [which btw she’s tramsitted to her son Michael], the same person Janet and Michael have sued previously; Joe is exploiting Michael’s name – again – for merchandizing; some family members claim that Michael’s last will would be faked because they neither accept nor understand why Michael didn’t want them to control his estate).

    And let’s not forget that the same persons that now complain about not receiving much respect from the fans are those that have supported and PUBLICLY encouraged fans to hate/attack the Cascio family. So it’s okay to dictate L.O.V.E. towards them (simply because they are MJ’s family) but H.A.T.E. towards others???

    Remember Taryll Jackson’s “oh-so-magnificent” words with heavy accusations:

    *****Quote of Taryll Jackson (3T) from his Twitter account*****
    How they constructed these songs is very sneaky and sly. many people who have worked on this project either have strong doubts and questions while others KNOW the truth yet decided to turn and look the other way with their hands out for $$$. I will NEVER look the other way. Right is Right, Truth is Truth, Facts are Facts and it will all come out!!! I tried so hard to prevent this craziness, but they wouldn’t listen. I KNOW my Uncle’s voice and something’s seriously wrong when you have immediate FAMILY saying it’s not him.
    We are still waiting for confirmation that the statement yesterday by Howard Weitzman (on behalf of the estate) is real and official. There are many blatant inaccuracies and omissions which makes me think it is not. I’m waiting on a phone call or the statement to be posted on an official site (such as before I respond.
    You will hear my story because this is way too important for my Uncle’s legacy. The truth will prevail.
    Frank hurt and betrayed my Uncle years ago, so when I learned about Eddie I wasn’t completely shocked. The names are different but the story’s the same. People taking advantage of my Uncle and now his legacy. I wish Oprah would have asked about the ridiculous amount these FAKE songs were sold to the estate for.
    *****End of quote******

    Nothing but much hot air. Fine words butter no parsnips – talk is cheap!
    So the Jackson family shall know Michael so much better (as he’s emphasiszing so beautifully)? Unfortunately reality has proven us the contrary: Michael has chosen to distance himself from most of his family in great measure and has spent more time with the Cascio family (which he called his “first family of love”) than with his own family in his last years. Some of the Jacksons have shown much disrespect/jealousy and hatred towards the Cascio family as a result.
    Furthermore you can see that Taryll is talking about $$$ on every occascion and that his lovely family should manage Michael’s estate. Yes, exactly because you aren’t money-grubbing at all, you would never line your own pockets (Oops!), you aren’t incapable of being economical (you would have even increased Michael’s debt mountain) etc. Not to mention you have tried several times to get rid of both of the MJ Estate’s co-executors John McClain and John Branca.

    And where’s his “story”? Ain’t it “way too important for [his] Uncle’s legacy”. You can’t be fainéant, especially when you would have to act before any criminal and claims subject to private law are at risk of limitation of claim. Yeah, you can slander for all eternity but there’s no everlasting room to act.
    No, how marvelous, this charade.

    More probably Taryll is busy with preparing for rehearsing for the ill-fated “tribute concert”…

    At least some doubters’ one-and-only chance named “Birchey” who’ll soon be trying to do what Taryll just claimed to do has more courage than them.

    Annex: tweets to Taryll Jackson (no response, of course):

    @tarylljackson U complain about some fans being hateful 2 ur family, yet u support and publicly encouraged fans to hate the Cascio family?
    @tarylljackson And instead of proving that ur accusations against Cascio would b true, u r doing absolutely NOTHING about it.
    @tarylljackson You’ve claimed that Frank Cascio betrayed MJ. U said this: U’ll hear my story because this is way 2 important for MJ’s legacy
    @tarylljackson U can’t demand that fans trust u when u r bad-mouthing the Cascio family without any proof. U even call MJ’s will faked.
    @tarylljackson What r u waiting 4? It’s easy 2 attack others and 2 claim to know “the truth”. U r doing nothing 2 prove ur claims though!
    @tarylljackson On the 12th of September 2011 a fan is going 2 accuse the Cascio family of fraud, assured by ur claims. But u r doing NOTHING

  50. I feel appalled for the Jacksons. A letter like this only further increases the views by many that Michael Jackson fans are off the meter and out of bounds! We as fans have no rights and are not privvy to being pacified by members of Michael Jackson’s family to suit our whims and/or wishes. We are fans and not family nor advisors nor anyone of any major importance to them whether we feel we are or not. They don’t have to do things the way fans dictate they should be done. And if it is felt that something could have or should have been handled a different way, it would go over much better by simply expressing those feeling without being rude and making personal affronts and attacks. The family of Michael Jackson don’t owe us any more allegiance than this letter implies the fans owe them. This is unnecessary and only adds fuel to the fire and distances the family even further from the fans whom Michael adored and gave his entire life to; giving us magic and unconditional love. He would be furious and possibly even shocked to read what his adoring beloved fans are doing to his family. It’s disgraceful.

    • Thank you for your comment. I have a question for you. How do you think Michael would feel seeing his children working, and being used to sell products like Joe Jackson’s perfume? His children signing belts and buckles so it can be sold for profit? A tribute concert using his children in the Terms & Conditions?

      I respectfully disagree with your opinion and I will admit you do have valid points. Please read our new statement “Open Letter To All” for further clarification as to why we had to take that tone in the above piece.

  51. Wow… you all are seriously putting your foot in your won mouth here… all of MJ’s “fans” may want to seriously reconsider their animosity and venom based on wild ASSumptions directed at the Jackson Family.

    You will eat your words. It’s not too late to reconsider your position…

  52. ON a serious note, Michael lived an isolated, lonely life . As a child this sense of lonliness & psychological imprisonment was a gift to him from his loving family. His growing fame as a pop star troubled his family as that meant power , money & independence for the one they considered shy, inept and mediocre in other aspects of life as he was not macho like his brothers, exceptionally handsome or a playboy.
    He was a thinker and a workaholic as his work secured him from the emotional emptiness that awaited him at home. His growing fame frightened his family & in order to control and contain this virus, they showed Michael little respect or understanding INTENTIONALLY as a son, brother & an individua,l as they did’nt want him to think of himself as special or more desirable than the rest of the group. His family also made him wary of interacting with people. He was taught this lesson religiously that most people are cunning, greedy and manipulative and would only associate themselves with him for what he has or what he can do for them. All women were considered either connoving creatures or gold diggers. He was taught to stay away from such people & as in the Jackson dictionary, almost 99.9% came under that definition, Michael stayed away from every one.
    He was not allowed to experiment and learn with people and life as his other brothers were allowed to do. Michael felt uncomfortable around people as he was taught that with his naive, shy and generous nature he will be surely exploited.The family surrounded him like an armour telling him only they really care about him and want to protect him from the undesirable. Maybe by the undesirable they meant LIFE OF HIS OWN.
    Now they are every where selling the name and the image of that man who till date does not have a proper family or a normal life like his brothers with many marriges under each ones belt and many children, even grandchildren.
    Unable to make a life of their own, they have nothing but MJ’s name to use and exploit to make a living. It is beyond understanding why a group of men in their 50’s and 60’s did not accomplish any thing on their own in the music world, like their brother Michael did. The only thing they can be truly proud of in their life is that they are related to Michael Jacksons . It’s a sad situation and rather repelling to MJ fan base. But it seems no one can stop them from selling Michael’s name like vendors on street. Michael Jackson had a class which seems to be totally absent in the Jackson clan right now and their claims of being a Dynasty have taken them even farther away from the reality of things. As dynasty inheritence is not from a brother but a father. Michael’s dynasty is inherited by his children and not his brothers. Maybe they should try to leave some good example for their children through their own hard work and not pretend to inherit something which they cannot inherit either practically or metaphorically. Calling him dead wont make them alive. Remaining loyal to their brother and not scheming against him might bring them better dividends.

  53. hmmm…
    What the heck kind of letter is this that is not signed ?
    Wrong, you do not speak for as many of Michael’s fans as you may think you do.

    Who the heck are you to say The J Family squabbles ? You go by what media says ? pheu…

    And who the heck are you to suggest that The J Family how they should conduct their lives ?
    There is more than meets the eye with the Cardiff concert and the affairs of The Jackson Family so, why don’t you just mind your own business.

    I wish you more love & less judgment in Michael’s light of love.

    • The letter is signed by the team of M.J.A.N. We will not be pressured by “fans” to reveal our identities. We’ve seen first hand what over zealous persons can do with personal information. We will protect our team and not reveal any identity unless we are legally required to do so. And even still, we are constitutionally protected under the right of privacy and free speech. We speak only for ourselves and the countless Michael Jackson fans who co-sign our stance. There are many thousands of fans who feel the same way we do. You are invited to disagree and we respectfully disagree with your opinion.

      And also, we do not go by anything the media says. We’ve been around Michael PERSONALLY for far too long to trust the media. We simply go by the actions of his family members.

      Thank you for your comment. Please feel free to read our new statement entitled “Open Letter To All” for further clarification of our stance.

      By the way, we will mind our own business when the Jackson Family stop reaching out to Michael’s fans for money. How do they reach out? Marketing schemes and money grabs, and of course using Michael’s children to “endorse” products.


      • No pressure. I just think an unsigned letter is BS. What the heck do you have to hide if you feel so sure of yourselve(s) ? Giving your name is not divulging personal information about you.

        Just because you knew Michael personally (so you say) doesn’t mean that you necessarily represent “thousands” of fans. That’s a very bold & presumptuous statement. I suggest you speak just for yourselves, whoever you are.

        Michael’s Family loves Michael. It’s not always about money with them as you insinuate.
        Like I said.there’s more than meets the eye AND there’s a lot that fans don’t know like Taj J recently tweeted. I believe him.

      • Giving your name is not divulging personal information? Really?

        Again you are entitled to your opinion as we are entitled to ours. No need to argue this point as we’re going in circles. We speak for M.J.A.N and COUNTLESS fans who agree and support this statement.

        No one ever questioned their love for Michael. We question their money making motives.

        Glad you believe Taj and the Jackson family. You take care!

  54. Following the trial, in 2005, Michael spoke words of gratitude-
    “Without God, my children, my family and you, my fans, I could not go up there. Your love, support and loyalty allowed me..”
    IN THIS ORDER, not fans first.
    ♥ ♥ ♥

    • Again thank you for your comment. You’re right, Michael Jackson said that. He also immediately left the country and stopped speaking to his family for over two years.

      The complexities of their relationship is something that we will never truly understand. But as consumers we have a right to voice our concern, especially when someone is trying to sell us something. We have a right to voice our opinion, just as you do.


      • 2 years ? How the heck do you know ? I would suspect more with a couple of members. But it doesn’t matter what I think. I only happened to come across certain info. as I was researching for purposes of MJ innocence advocacy. J Family affairs is none of our business !!!
        The Estate knows what they’re doing and that’s enough for me.

        Innocence advocacy is much more important to me than how members of The J Family act & react.
        Michael’s spirit matters, his legacy matters and truth matters.
        The Estate, The Jackson Family and many fans care about giving the respect that Michael lacked. The world needs to know of his innocence. Approx.1/2 of Americans doubt his innocence to this day. This is a disgrace. MJ cared deeply about his legacy & spoke about it. Re-exposing the truth of his innocence also matters greatly for Prince, Paris & Blanket.

        So, my suggestion would be that EVERYONE who admires & loves Michael should establish common ground, such as with this matter, and unite for him, rather than spend time differing.

      • Thank you for telling us about the MJ Innocence Advocacy project. Please keep us informed about the project and future plans.


  56. There’s nothing wrong with this letter.

    It’s not about hate, it’s about the things we can observe and witness and are free to voice our opinion about (in this case it’s against the ridiculous things the family is still doing). The MJAN isn’t dictating what the family should do, they are demonstrating what the family should stop doing – exploiting Michael’s fans by utilizing our interest in (almost) everything MJ-related, misusing his children for their own gain, encouraging fans to attack personal enemies of the family, calling themselves a “dynasty” and other embarassing ego stuff. And last but not least: they should stop attacking the MJ Estate and accept that Michael did NOT want his family to manage his estate – for a good reason!

    If you’re a Michael Jackson fan, you choose what you like and don’t like. You choose what and who you want and don’t want to support. There’s no need to support everything from the family – just because they are related to him. As a fan you’re not their stand-up guy. You’re a Michael Jackson fan and always free to do whatever you think is best in your opinion – as long as you do it respectfully.

    You don’t have to personally know any of them. It’s their actions that unveil their agenda. Look at Joe, look at Randy, look at Jermaine, look at LaToya, look at Taryll etc., look what they are doing. And then judge for yourself only. And if you don’t agree with another fan about sth, don’t attack the other fan(s) you don’t agree with or say things like “you’re not a real fan” – as Taryll Jackson has just recently done. This is knuckle-dragging behavior no fan should regress to.

    Michael surely didn’t want any “war of the fans”. Unfortunately such fan wars are quite common nowadays.

  57. This letter is a disgrace, you call yourself Michael Jackson fans?

    • Yes. We are Michael Jackson fans.


  58. Understood why you’d want names. While I am not 100% sure my guess is that confidentiality agreements were signed. And perhaps they work in the entertainment industry. Try to see it from that perspective. If there was ever a time Michael needed his privacy protected, it’s now.
    xoxo MJANWATCH 😀

  59. This letter is disgusting. If this letter did get in the hands of any member of Michael Jackson’s family, I hope they don’t think this disgusting letter represents all fans of Michael Jackson. You people think you OWN Michael Jackson. Where do you all get off telling the Jackson family what to do?!

  60. I often disagree the family Jackson decision, but this letter is a real SHAME.I am an inconditional fan of Michael since more than 30 years, my loyalty towards him is absolute but I think that some fans are becoming really mad and insane. How dare you address this letter to the Jackson family, in any way it’s absolutely inappropriate, they will ignore your letter and they will do what they want, and for the first time I shall agree with their decision

  61. okay, where’s my comment? : (

  62. Okay you did’nt publish my last comment. Maybe you felt it out of line but it was true in a metaphorical way really. Here’s a new one. I salute the MJAN WATCH team for the sincerity & honesty with which they are doing this. Not an easy task to talk like this about those who present themselves so commercially well on the media. I hope that the team would keep writing and discussing more MJ related issues that would enable the fans to understand the situation more. Such as the present status of the trial and the tributes both. Keep up the good work.

  63. “Dear Jackson Family: Michael Jackson Fans are not Your Fans” DAMN RIGHT!!!!!

  64. I know that I’m going to get a lot of flack about this, but it REALLY needs to be said.

    Michael’s Moments: Part 1

    Michael’s Moments: Part 2

    • Robin,

      Thank you for your video reply. We appreciate the fact that you took time out to do such a thought-provoking response. However, we respectfully disagree with you on a variety of points.

      It doesn’t matter where this tribute will be held. The fact of the matter is that the Terms and Conditions of the tribute concert and tickets are unacceptable. Although Global Live Events called various fanclub representatives about issues that were raised by fans, GLE did not answer the concerns of many fans. Specifically, why were Michael’s children placed in the terms & conditions. Also, how much money would be given to charity from tickets sales. We can go on and on about the tribute fiasco. Our position remains the same; we will not be in attendance and we do not support it whatsoever.

      We also disagree about Mrs. Katherine Jackson. She is 82 yrs old and she is no fool. She is in full possession of her facilities. We firmly believe she knows exactly what she’s doing but by chance she does not, then shame on her adult children for allowing her to be used by charlatans. Either way, someone is at fault.

      Again, we appreciate your video and we are allowing it up for our users to see.

      • Thank you for your reply, however, I must also disagree. I know people are upset about the money, but this is the reality. Do any of you really think that every dime that is made is going to go to every charity that Michael sponsored? No. Even if every person working for the tribute gave up their salary, money will still have to be passed to pay for every fee, zone, permit, costume, instrument, light fixture, royalties, etc… to hold it. As for Michael’s children, maybe they themselves wanted to be a part of it & requested to do so. & As for his mother, regardless of your opinion of her faculties, it still doesn’t change the fact that neither you nor I know her personally & cannot say what her day to day life is like. It is quite possible that she is sharp as a tack 1 minute and possibly frail the next. And as for her adult children, again, who are you to say. Do you speak for any of them? No. Are you apart of the family & have a right to voice an opinion? No. At the end of the day, you and I are nothing but mere fans who bought the albums, the T-shirts & videos, etc. You & I have both loved the man, the myth, the entertainer. But that still doesn’t give ANY OF US the right to say what can & can’t be done.

        Once again, the fans loved Michael… but they don’t own him… they never did. You and I know NOTHING about the real people that he had to live w/ everyday for 50 years. The only thing that you do know is what the press has fed you & even what Michael said himself. The funny thing is even with Michael, as critical as he was about them, as time went on he had to learn for himself, that everything that the THOUGHT about them, wasn’t totally the case. It really wasn’t as it seemed. Even he had to own up to his own mistakes when looking at them. As he aged, he learned that even though they had mistakes, he made some too. He wasn’t this “perfect prince” that fans “nee: sycophants & ass kissers” wanted to believe.

        All Ms. Katherine is trying to do is hold a tribute for her son. Michael would be so disappointed in his fans for destroying her dream & for mocking her family. I also find it completely ironic, that when Michael was vilified by the press, left, right, & sideways, for all kinds of bull-crap, the fans were ready to burn down every newspaper & publishing company on the planet. Now, the very same press in a way is doing the exact same thing w/ his family… whenever there is some foible is BLOWN UP and magnified 20 times over for all the world to see… and now the same fans, too, are swallowing it, hook, line & sinker. That’s been the problem w/ the fans… they claim to be united (when the topic suits them) but in reality they are very disjointed. Unity… yeah right. Do any of you even LISTEN to yourselves? The same fans that were ready to burn The Estate in effigy in 2009, now LOVES THEM to death when speaking about The Tribute. But… I guess everyone must “get in bed w/ the devil” at some point… even the fans.


  66. Well said, Robyn Baylor.

  67. This letter is GREAT! It says everything many of us have been frustrated about ever since Michael left us.
    It is just continued abuse he gets from his family. He owes them NOTHING, he is not their property. He shouldn’t be used as their ticket to fame and fortune. Not anymore.
    Janet had the nerve to go on BET and say: “To you he is a legend, to us he is family”. How dare his family decide for us what he means to us?!?
    And great way of showing that to you he is not a legend but your family by abusing his name, fame and legacy for your own gain! I want them to stop.
    They pretend like all Michael ever was was a member of the Jackson Family. They try to pull his light onto them. Taking AWAY from his legacy and making it theirs.
    Yes, he started out in the Jackson 5, yes, he has brothers and sisters that are his family, yes, he loved his mother, but he PAID his dues. Enough is enough.
    He was the one who spent hours and hours on end rehearsing and honing his craft. He is the one who suffered the riducule and abuse of the press, he is the one who had to take on the world. He is the one who sold out more concerts than anyone else. He is the one who suffered burns while on the job, he is the one who injured his back while doing a concert, he is the one who suffered from ‘dancers feet’ due to his longtime journey in his dedication to give us more.
    The Jackson family want all his fame, all his money, all his prestige, without the work, without the dedication, without the suffering. Just by latching on to the fact that he is their family. HE DID ALL THAT WORK, ALL THAT SUFFERING, ALL THAT CREATING TO GIVE TO US! To build HIS legacy. His family should just be grateful that they had a small part in the creation of a true legend. That in itself should be enough payment, just the fact that you were part (small part) of it should be enough. I Urge the Jackson Family to stop using his name. Be grateful with for what you had.

  68. You are absolutely right. Talentless people fond of fame & fortune are jealous people and jealous people always dream of stealing from others their blessings to somehow make it their own. The realtionship between the Jacksons and Michael Jackson is just like this. Jealous of him they scheme against him but at the same time use and exploit his iconic status to have some amount of recognition in life themselves. They pretend to be that what they are not, and prowl in the dark to steal someone elses light.
    Wanting to steal Michael’s light, the Jackson’s hope that they would somehow be successful in making it their own against nature’s laws and principles. Their unending struggle to somehow equal MJ in name and fame has turned them into clownish characters. Not the cute ones but the scary, devilish ones.

  69. again NO ONE IS MAKING MONEY off of hating this family period most of them did try to get a solo career during the peak of their fame and nothing panned out because rap became more popular and “REAL MUSIC” went out the door just because so ex of their’s wrote some book doesn’t make it true how would any1 like it if fans tell their family what to do you would be the first one upset

  70. Hi to all! My name’s Luciana and I’m from Argentina. I knew about this letter and I want to say I support this letter, but in a 99, 9% and I’ll explain why.
    The unique point I don’t support, because I am not really sure, is where you speak about Janet Jackson. It’s really true she’s the unique Jackson, after Michael, who made a good career in the musical industry. But some people say she betrayed Michael too because SHE HAD SAID HE WAS ADDICT in 2009… Does anybody know about that? I hope I am wrong! Michael adored her soo much!

    Then I learned my hardest lesson: You love Michael, SUPPORT AND DEFEND HIM ONLY…

    About the letter in general is Ok! I can’t see the hate behind it. I see people concerned about Michael and his poor kids. I know the truth can be really painful and sad, more knowing how Michael was, but we have to face it. HIS FAMILY IS DOING ALL BAD -They say lies about Michael’s death and his life, feel sad about Murray, betray him with his enemies on TV for money, don’t consider his last wishes, don’t fight for HIS FAKE TRUST and LAST WILL, want to make tribute during Murray’s trial, etc., etc-, NOW MORE NEVER…
    I never liked his brothers and father… We know very well why, on the other hand I defended Janet and Katherine but since I saw what I saw and I listened what I listened I can’t anymore.

    For people who still support Katherine and his brothers, all of you know Michael didn’t want to expose his poor kids to the media’s hate… Then why does Katherine do the opposite and you support her? All that exposition is horrible, but when I knew they were with Oprah, I almost die! That woman said and say SO HORRIBLE things about Michael and never asked apologizes. Many of Michael’s brothers did the same, they went to that circus to sell them and sell his dead brother. Are you happy with that? Not me! What did you feel when Michael’s kids were exposed one day before a new anniversary of Michael’s homicide in Good Morning America? I passed that day crying…

    Michael speaks about protect his kids from PAPARAZZI

    On the other hand, Michael didn’t want to impose a religious education and he wanted his kids could enjoy all he couldn’t for his mother and what is Katherine doing now? THE OPPOSITE! When I read next article, I wanted to die! None of Michael’s wishes are consider by his mother, father, brothers and less LaToya…

    Is proper for Katherine Jackson to raise MJ3 as Jehova witness?

    Many people know Michael wanted his kids spend their time in positives things, Paris and her brothers are in Twitter and what does LaToya do? Expose Paris! Hey, do you hate my bro? Here is his daughter! COME ON!

    And why does Katherine put his young children in the middle of a legal war? We know HTW Foundation is Fake! Why does she do it? What is she with Mann and Johnson around? What is Oxman doing with that family? Don’t they remember he pointed Michael was addict WHEN HE WASN’T???

    For @Taaj… I know who you’re, what you did and do now! I trusted on you because I didn’t know who you were but now… Like many others here, I WANT YOU OUT! Please, GO OUT FROM THIS SITE AND NEVER RETURN!

    @TeamMichael, you’re so wrong! You shouldn’t follow that woman… SHE LIES! Save you now, you can! Leave her alone!

    @Karmen Legazpi… I trusted on you, but I can’t understand why you support this family… You’re fan of Michael, not of them! If you liked J5 or The Jacksons, like others say: They are part of the past… Michael’s not here and they’re not more those young boys and you know that… Deep, inside you, you know that! If you really love Michael, don’t support that family anymore, defend Michael and his poor kids… Michael was and is victim of his own family, now his kids too! Protect and defend them, not his family! They are adults and they can defend themselves alone! I still have you in FB and Twitter, I trust you change your mind soon and fall into the horrible reality that we’re living…
    With nothing more to add… Maybe in a future…

    I salute to all fans of Mike and say good bye!

  71. Excellent letter. I agree 100%. Every single word of it is true. In particular, I was horrified that the brothers used footage from MJ memorial and funeral and visit to Forest Lawn in their reality series. And now Katherine and Joe are exploiting MJ3 to hawk perfume and to get people to buy tickets to the fraudulent tribute and to Jackson Street and support charities that benefit the Jacksons. Even Janet capitalized on his death to hawk her new cd, book and movie in a national tv interview, It is appalling the way they are commercializing Michael’s death. He would be heartbroken. Someone has to stick up for MJ. I am glad you wrote this letter.

  72. You all have got to stop attacking Michael’s family. They are only doing what they can to get thru this horrible ordeal the best way they know how. Janet was not using Michael’s death, or exploiting it in that interview. She wants her brother to be remembered,and so she talks about him the only way she can without breaking down on national television.
    I am disgusted at the treatment of his family by people calling themselves his fans.
    His brothers obviously wanted to find a way to include him in some way in the reality series,and so that was the only way they could since he’s not here anymore. That’s all they have now of him.Memories and Forest Lawn. So they included footage of the public memorial, the private burial,and their visit to his final resting place.
    Please show some mercy where they’re concerned. He was their beloved family member. They may not have been close-knit. Hell, he stated that himself,but they did love one another.
    Please stop attacking them.They have enough to deal with as it is.

  73. Okay, one more thing I have got to add here,is that I don’t like the kids out there all the time,but they are kids,and once kids hit a certain age, they can really kick up a fuss if they’re constantly kept indoors. His kids are no different than everyone else’ except for the fact that they are Michael Jackson’s kids.
    But everyone has got to stop attacking his family and just concentrate on what’s really important here. The trial. His murder.Quack Murray. Sony and AEG. All those responsible for his murder. That’s what needs to be the focus here, not them. Not now. Just stop attacking them.
    He would be really pissed to know his family is being attacked. He really would. Think about it.They’re HIS FAMILY!!! Blood!! Okay all,good night.Have a wonderful weekend and JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL!!!

  74. Stop attacking the Jackson family? Really. When did it become a crime to speak out the truth. The Jacksons have always exploited their Connection with MJ to fulfill their own agendas. This letter says all that to perfection. Also no one has the right to admonish the fans for being insincere or not being true fans of MJ, no one. MJ fan community cannot be slave traded to the Jacksons in the absence of Mj. Well done MJAN WATCH. Bravo and God bless.

  75. Really, I couldn’t agree MORE with You!!!! Thank You very much!!!!

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